We offer all of these services under one roof;

  • CNC Plasma Cutting

  • CNC Machining

  • Welding

  • Shot Blasting & Powder Coating

The ability to precision cut metal, weld and powder coat, all in one location, means we are in a somewhat unique position.  
We can help fully realise peoples own ideas and designs. 
Combing all our services and inventiveness, we are able to provide light fabrication services. We offer initial free advice, ideas, discussions, preliminary designs and price estimates can be followed by visits if required to define your personal requirements.
Engineering is hammering imagination into substance.

Manufacturing Examples

Items for Wood Burning Stoves

We have cut and powder coated metal to make the metal hearth for for a wood burning stove. In addition, we have elliptical rings and baffles to help seal where flues enter and exit walls.

Also made replacement or decorative fire grids, ash collecting trays, flues and other various items for both indoor and outdoor stoves. In some cases these have then been powder coated on completion.

Signs, Decorative Metal Panels, Coat Hangers etc.

We can incorporate metal designs cut using the CNC Plasma Cutter into hanging signs, decorative gate & fence panels, coat hangers etc. Designs can then be Powder Coated in a colour of your choice to give an attractive and durable finish. We can help with a full, design & manufacture service. 

Motorcycle, Vehicle & Other Components

We have used the CNC Plasma Cutter & CNC Mill to make various functional, replacement and custom components.
Examples of some of the more obscure items are;

  • Brackets for Pump Track People.
  • Signs & Decorative Brackets.
  • Pan adapter for a Kelly Kettle Camping Stove.
  • Replacement Rocker cover for classic AJS & Matchless Motorbikes.
  • Replacement latch for a Parrot Cage.
  • Tool to emboss Wooler logo onto a leather saddle.
  • Repair Land Rover accessories.
  • Copy a rare axle height gauge for Abbot Self Propelled Gun.
  • Wall Hangers for Bicycles.

Peachy Keen

We have provided numerous varied services to Peachy Keen in recent years. CNC Plasma Cutting to make components for the "pods", signage and display stands, incorporating their name, logo and motto. These have then been Powder Coated in their corporate colours of Kawasaki Green & Traffic Light Red.

Recently we have been heavily involved in helping develop their prototype "Hand Crank" which required CNC machining of Aluminium and Perspex to make and modify components.

Take a look at our Projects & Ideas Gallery for further examples - Peachy Keen.

Coco's Customs

Realise some ideas for Custom Components. Most are mainly for Air-cooled VWs at he moment, however, with Coco's fertile imagination it won't be long before other marques will receive his attention.

Take a look at our Projects & Ideas Gallery for further examples - Coco's Kustoms.

Outdoor Patio Fires

We manufacture our own exclusive range of extremely robust and effective Outdoor Patio Fires in a variety of sizes. 

Patio fires are cut from 2mm steel. We can then cut out decorative designs and lettering according to individual wishes. Patio fires are not painted or coated and develop an attractive even weathered patina of rust.

The fires are similar to a chiminea. Fires start very quickly after ignition with paper and small pieces of wood. When in full burn after just 15 minutes, they give off tremendous heat due to their design which allows much more air to be drawn in than, for example, a fire basket. (Excellent for toasting marshmallows!)

Wood is an ideal fuel as wood fires burn from the top down, negating the necessity for a grate. The majority of the fire’s heat is reflected out through the front opening. This helps concentrate the heat where needed and protects the surrounding area. Fires could be used on wooden decking with the addition of a metal plate underneath to give protection from falling embers. 

Nashy's Cafe - Cardrona Village

Used CNC Plasma Cutter to cut "Nashy's" name into sheet metal. This was then incorporated into a customised fire grate and mantlepiece, that was designed and manufactured  by ourselves.