Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen is the brainchild of Andrew Bowie and are based in Kirkcaldy, they design and manufacture products that utilise human movement to generate electricity

The focus of their equipment is the creation of electricity in an enjoyable, interactive way that also enables people to improve their fitness

PeachyKeen provided an activity for the "Power To The People" exhibition at the Methil Heritage Centre. This uses one of their "Bike Pods" to generate electricity for the TV.

PeachyKeen - Hand Crank being used to power a "Flying Scotsman" train and two Scalextric cars.

ColourWorks Connection

Our collaboration came about initially via a mutual friend. To date we have provided numerous varied services to Peachy Keen as they develop their range and application of products.

CNC Plasma & Powder Coating

Cutting & Powder Coating some of the components for the "Bike Pods". Various signage and display stands, incorporating their name, logo and motto. 

CNC Machining

We have used the HAAS CNC Mini Mill to help develop a number of aluminium and steel components for their prototype "Hand Crank".

A version of the "Hand Crank" is presently being trialed in a playground, where children use it to generate power for sensory playground equipment.

(We also put our colour coating skills to work, spray painting the walls and floor of their workshop using tennis court paint.)